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  Organizing a corporate golf outing?

  Need new ideas for marketing and branding your company?

  Need some fun ideas for a special event?

Visit our corporate sales division and let us help you add prestige to your event or get your logo on hundreds of great products.

Take advantage of our corporate pricing on golf balls, golf apparel and golf equipment. Significant savings off regular retail prices can be realized by buying corporately.

Branded golf balls, hats, men’s & women’s apparel, accessories and tournament packages are all available from our suppliers. Click on the supplier links and check out some products for yourself, then come to us to put the final stamp on them.

Corporate gifting for your marketing program has become much easier in our increasingly electronic world.

For example, putting your corporate logo on a golf ball requires only a graphic file of your logo (.tif, .jpeg, etc.) to be emailed to us. An artwork proof will be made up for you so you can see what your custom golf ball will look like. From there it only takes about 2 to 3 weeks for any company to ship out the product.

We have many samples for viewing and before anything is ever final we always send you proof to ensure quality and satisfaction. Please give us a call, and let us save you money while you promote your business and brand.

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