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COVID-19 Information


Following is the plan to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among our staff and customers.

The following template was provided by the Government of Alberta which included considerations to help guide businesses through the opening process.  We have put together a plan using Alberta Health’s Workplace Guidance for Business Owners, sector-specific guidelines, and additional recommendations from our industry leaders.

Our Guest and Staff Guidelines:

Distancing Measures

On the Golf Course:

We have a greeter to ensure people have a tee time and are reminded to stay at their vehicle until their designated check in time of 15 minutes prior to their tee time.  If a golfer does not arrive with enough time to check in safely and adequately space from other groups, they are not allowed to proceed through the gate.  Walk-ons are not permitted through the gate without a tee time.  A customer will be asked to wait at the gate and the greeting staff will attempt to find an open time for the guest.
Tee times are spaced to ensure physical distancing between groups.
Tee times have bee spaced in order to facilitate a 4-hour round.  Playing through is not permitted.  If your group is out of sequence you will be asked to skip a hole in order to ensure physical distancing from the groups behind.  General rule of thumb is the group ahead should be around the green when you approach the tee box on all par 4’s.
Guests and staff are reminded frequently by signage to remain 2 metres apart.
Power carts are single rider only unless the patrons live at the same residence.
Benches have been roped off to discourage patrons from sitting in close proximity.
Washroom access is limited to the concession area only.  There is a maximum of two persons inside the building.
The concession is not allowed to be accessed and all orders are through the window on the west side of the building.
The beverage cart is on the facility but can not be accessed by guests.  All guests must wait to be served and do not touch any of the product or the vehicle.  The attendant will place food on the cart for pick up by the guest.  We encourage the use of credit cards to eliminate close contact.  The credit card machine takes tap and the attendant will back away when it is being used.
A sneeze guard has been installed at the concession window in order to protect guests and staff from interactions that require less than 2 metres.
After their round patrons are asked to head directly to their cars and not to gather in the parking lot.
In the event of a medical emergency EMS will be called.  Contact with the affected guest or staff member will be limited to the one individual that was first on site.  Physical distance measures must be practiced by all guests and staff in the vicinity.
During frost delays guests are asked to stay at their vehicle until asked to check in.
If there is inclement weather guests are asked to go directly to their vehicle.  Guests must remain in their vehicle until the weather has cleared and it is safe.  Play may be resumed after the storm but entrance to the facility will be guided by staff to ensure all groups remain physically distanced. If requesting a rain check, they must ensure physical distancing from other guests and staff.  Entrance to the pro shop is one guest at a time.

In the Clubhouse:

Sneeze guards have been placed at the pro shop counter and the bar to protect guests and staff from interactions that require less than 2 metres.
Washroom access is through the South entrance and down the stairs from the restaurant.  Signage requests guests to limit washroom occupants.  No gathering in the area is permitted.
Pro shop access is through the East door and the exit is through the North door.  There is no access to the pro shop through the clubhouse.  All access is from the exterior of the building.
Retail has been spaced out and walkways are clear.  Merchandise has been placed online at and guests are encouraged to look online and pick up in the store.

In the Restaurant:

Tables have been arranged in groupings so that guests may be seated together but remain 2 metres apart if not from the same household or sit closer if they are.
Space between tables has been increased to 2 metres to allow for safe movement throughout the patio and restaurant.
Guests will be directed to a seat in the restaurant and on the patio.  Considerations will be taken to space out guests around the eating area.  They must wait for table service; bar service will not be available.
If waiting for a table guests will be able to safely distance on the front balcony and inside the front entrance. Take out patrons are asked to remain seated at the bar or outdoors on the front balcony depending on seating availability while waiting for their order.
The stairway to the washroom area should be clear prior to accessing it by staff and guests.

In the Maintenance Facility:

A smaller crew is being maintained in order to ensure physical distancing between staff.  Many of the crew members are family and live in the same household.  These staff members are permitted to be on equipment together.
The equipment technician’s area is off limits to the crew.  All tools required are to be obtained by the technician to avoid having staff in close contact.
Staff are required to social distance during breaks and lunch.
While the staff is caring for the grounds, they are required to maintain their distance from the guests on the premise.  The first tee time of the day has been arranged in order to prevent as much contact as possible when the crew is starting their day.  Guests may not enter the facility until directed to do so by the pro shop staff in order to keep distance between guests and staff.

Cleaning & Touch Point Protocols

On the Golf Course:

Flagpoles are not to be touched. The cups have been adjusted so that guests do not need to reach into the hole to get their golf ball.
Ball washers have been removed.
Rakes have been removed.  New local rules are in place that allow a golfer to lift and place the ball in a sand trap to improve their lie with no penalty.
Guests should not use equipment that does not belong to them.  This includes tees that are left on the tee box by other golfers.
All pull carts, power carts and rentals are washed and sanitized after and prior to every use.
Course washrooms have been limited to the concession area in order to ensure cleanliness.  They are cleaned regularly throughout the day and prior to open daily.
Touchpoints in the concession are being disinfected regularly by the staff member in the food service area.  This includes pens, counters, door handles, taps and the computer.  The credit card keypad has been set up for tap but is being disinfected after every use.
Staff has hand sanitizer for regular use in the food service area.  They are performing proper hand hygiene on a regular basis.
Beverage cart staff have hand sanitizer and are following proper hand hygiene.
The beverage cart is washed and disinfected at the end of every day.  The attendant will disinfect the touchpoints at the beginning of their shift and throughout the day.
A hand sanitizing station has been set up outside the house during concession open hours and just inside the doorway of the washroom area when the concession is closed.

In the Clubhouse:

Common touchpoints in the clubhouse are being disinfected regularly by a designated employee throughout the day.  This includes door handles, railings, light switches and counters.
Washrooms are being disinfected regularly throughout the day and prior to open daily.
All unnecessary items have been removed to limit touchpoints.
HVAC filters are being changed every two months.
The pro shop staff regularly disinfect office equipment such as pens, scissors, tape dispenser, phones, computers and countertops.  The credit card keypad has been set up for tap but is being disinfected regularly and always when touched.
Hand sanitizer is located on tables around the pro shop entrances and inside the East door.  All staff and guests are encouraged to use it frequently.
Office staff regularly disinfect touchpoints in their respective offices.  Staff and guests are not to enter personal offices unless necessary for communication or for obtaining supplies.

In the Restaurant:

All tables and chairs are being disinfected after every use and the start of every day.
All service ware is being disinfected after every use.  Silverware is immediately rolled after the sanitation cycle.
All staff are performing proper hand hygiene in the kitchen and the service areas.
All unnecessary items have been removed to limit touchpoints.
The staff regularly disinfect all equipment such as coffee pots, coffee machines, draught handles, soda dispensers, counters, handles, taps, pens, computers and printers.  The credit card keypad has been set up for tap but is being disinfected regularly and always when touched.
Hand sanitizer is located at the West doors and at the top of the stairs.  All staff and guests are encouraged to use it frequently.

In the Maintenance Facility:

Equipment is being washed and disinfected before and after every use.
The facility is being cleaned on a bi-weekly basis.
All tools are sanitized after use.
Lunchroom is off limits except for the storing of or heating up food.  After use of lunchroom equipment staff is directed to disinfect all touchpoints.
Maintenance facility washrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Screening for Symptoms

All staff have been requested to daily self monitor for symptoms of Covid-19 using the following questionnaire:

Do you have the symptoms below? Please Circle

Fever (greater than 38 degrees Celsius)  Yes   No
New onset of (or exacerbation of chronic) cough  Yes   No 
Shortness of breath  Yes  No
Difficulty breathing  Yes  No
Sore throat  Yes  No
Have you travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?  Yes  No
Do you live with or have had close contact with a person that has an influenza-like illness who has travelled within the last 14 days?  Yes  No
Do you live with or have had close contact with a person with someone that is ill with fever and/or cough and influenza-like symptoms?  Yes  No
Have you had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of Covid-19?  Yes  No

If a staff member answers yes to any of the questions they are asked to stay home.  Our terms of employment and the Covid-19 handout given to our staff members ensure they are aware of the Covid-19 guidelines and the appropriate course of action they need to take in the event they are concerned about their health.  Department managers will ensure a staff member that does not feel well is immediately isolated from other staff and guests and is sent home in a manner to eliminate further contact.  Staff have been assured their position will still be available after their isolation period in order to ensure they do not feel threatened by their illness. They have been given guidance to ensure they know how to access financial and emotional help in the event it is required. We respectfully request the same of our guests in order to ensure the safety of our staff and our other patrons. Thermometers have been placed at the pro shop entrance, the restaurant entrance and in the maintenance facility. These are to be used by staff and our guests to promote self monitoring.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – where distancing measures cannot be maintained

All staff have been given access to non-medical masks, gloves and eye wear. 
Inventory is being kept in the maintenance facility and in the general managers office. 
Staff have been given guidelines of how and when to wear PPE in their terms of employment based on the guidelines given by Alberta Health as of the end of April. 
Wearing any of these items is recommended but has remained voluntary except for serving staff. 
All servers are required to wear masks when performing table service as the 2-metre physical distance is not able to be kept when placing food and beverage on the tables.


It is the responsibility of all department managers to ensure their staff are following all guidelines. 
There is constant communication between department managers and the general manager to ensure all areas remain safe and the proper cleaning and supplies are being maintained.
A guest who is not able and/or willing to follow the guidelines set out will not be permitted on the facility.
All department heads will be responsible for ensuring an accurate up to date contact list for staff and a history of the scheduling is kept ensuring we are able to trace in the event a case is traced back to our facility.
Green fee guests are asked for emails to ensure we can contact anyone that may have been on the facility for a day in question.


Owner/Manager: _Shelley Adams________                     Date: 2020-05-20